Guide for authors





Any article that has already been published or is in the process of publication in another journal will be rejected. If your manuscript is original and unpublished, follow the procedure below.

- Read our Editorial Guidelines before submitting a manuscript.

- All manuscripts submitted must be accompanied by a Letter of submission addressed to the Editor, in which the authors of the document agree with the level of authorship and with the content of the paper.

- Propose three peer reviewers, who not belong to their institutions, to read and comment the submitted manuscript.

- Submit your contribution through the Open Journal Systems (OJS). Follow-up of the evaluation will be done through OJS, exclusively with the corresponding author.

a) Login with your username and password. If you do not have these, please register.

b) Click on "New Submission" and fill in the required information.

If the manuscript meets the journal's submission requirements, standards, and topic suitability, a letter of receipt of the contribution will be issued. A reference code will be assigned for use in any procedure or consultation.

All manuscripts submitted for publication will be subjected to a rigorous arbitration process, in which three separate reviewers will analyze the manuscript. Feedback will be provided by the peer reviewers, who arrive at a decision of acceptance (minor revisions or major revisions) or rejection.