Rejection of Published Contributions: Includes Preprints


Texcoco, Estado de México a 28 de enero de 2022

To all authors of the Terra Latinoamericana

Dear Colleagues:

Regarding the Procedure for Receiving Submissions to the Terra Latinoamericana, it is reiterated that contributions submitted to Terra Latinoamericana should NOT be published or in the process of being refereed in other Journals. This provision includes those academic publications called "prepublication" or "preprints", which is a version of an academic or scientific article that precedes formal peer review and publication in an academic or scientific journal. Any contribution received on the OJS platform that is determined to have been published in another journal, including "preprints", will be rejected and in some cases, the authors registration will be cancelled and none of them will be able to submit contributions for 12 months.

Kind regards

Editorial Committee

Terra Latinoamericana

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